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    taken in the crowd at Kelela’s headline show at Electrowerkz (London).

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    D R I Z Z Y

    L O L s

    Just a quick club joint of Drakes “OVER” i made on the weekend.
    I called it “Closet Drake Fans” to co-incide with my Drake Pie Chart™, really.
    " Ta-ku.

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    Love and Basketball. The Jersey Club edition.

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    new clothing label out of Manchester. 0161 we outchea.


    new clothing label out of Manchester. 0161 we outchea.





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    ..you only win if you dare/ so raise the stakes (steaks), even though these opportunities are rare. #KINGDOM feat. the AllAboutGoodMusic houseband.


    This is the first cover from my latest project XCIX. Enjoy!

    Subscribe to my YouTube for the second video, dropping next month.


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    stone cold jam.


    WATCH: The Internet - Dontcha.

    Yes, yes and yes. I think terms of grandiose are thrown around all too loosely these days, but I feel like it’s no overstatement to say these guys are the leaders of the new skool. Real talk. I heard Fast Lane and Cocaine back in ‘011/’012 and it was a wrap. The beats, the vocals, the vibe are spot on. Everytime.

    Dontcha is taken from The Internet’s second album, the forthcoming Feel Good so I’m hoping this is a solid representation of what we can expect from the Odd Future members. Soak up the soul, get your 2-step in, squeeze the last moments out of summer. Then repeat.

    Feel Good is released on 24th September.

    @intanetz on Twitter.

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